Colossians – ‘The Pre-eminence of Christ!’

Studying the book of Colossians is as if you were watching in slow motion a flower unfolding from a bud to full bloom, each layer and petal gradually opening, revealing the beauty of the pre-eminence of Christ in all things. Every line, every phrase and every word that Paul wrote in the letter both to the Colossians and to us reveals that Christ has the pre-eminence; every angelic being and every tribe before Him prostrate fall, there is none that can stand before Him. He, Jesus Christ, is foremost in time, in place, in order and importance. He is before, beginning, first in rank, first in influence, and first of all.

First Love is a series of four to six week discipleship books that places emphases on our spiritual growth and relationships, and empowering believers by explaining Scriptures in a manner that is easily understood and applied to practical Christian life, which is paramount for all Christians.