Ephesians – ‘The Believer’s Riches in Christ!’

The Epistle of Ephesians is a magnificent anthem of the believer’s riches in Christ, beginning with the grace and mercy with which God through Jesus Christ brought us into a special relationship with Him, in that He, God, is now our Heavenly Father. From this experience we have been lifted-up to be seated in heavenly places, the very places where the counsel of God reigns. Throughout this wonderful Epistle, Paul continually assures us that it is from the parental heart of God the Father that the fountain of all blessing flows down upon our lives.

First Love is a series of four to six week discipleship books that places emphases on our spiritual growth and relationships, and empowering believers by explaining Scriptures in a manner that is easily understood and applied to practical Christian life, which is paramount for all Christians.


Tony Keys lives in Australia with his wife Robyn. His passion is for helping others to succeed and developing leaders in Christian organisations. He regularly travels throughout the world conducting leadership seminars, lecturing in Bible colleges, meeting with and mentoring church leaders.