Philippians – “For to me, to live is Christ”

“For to me, to live is Christ”: here we have the wonderful secret of the Christian life. In these words Paul summarises the whole scope, aim and energy of Christianity. How could this be? It is because the life of Christ is realised in the life of the believer. The presence of Christ fills our whole conscious existence. He has become our very breath and purpose for life. To Paul, Christ was both the inspiration and the dynamic of life; he only lived to serve Him! Paul looks upon the Christian life not as something filled with fruitless labour but as something which is full of joyful opportunities.

First Love is a series of four to six week discipleship books that places emphases on our spiritual growth and relationships, and empowering believers by explaining Scriptures in a manner that is easily understood and applied to practical Christian life, which is paramount for all Christians.


Tony Keys lives in Australia with his wife Robyn. His passion is for helping others to succeed and developing leaders in Christian organisations. He regularly travels throughout the world conducting leadership seminars, lecturing in Bible colleges, meeting with and mentoring church leaders.