Growing Future Leaders: Running with horses
The Enormous Potential of Followers

This is the third book in a series on leadership. It examines the characteristics required of people if they are to function effectively as leaders and also provides instruction on mentoring and coaching techniques found to be successful in the equipping of those leaders.
The thing that distinguishes leaders who run with horses from those who walk with footmen, those who shuffle along under the anointing (Jeremiah 12:5), is their ability as leaders to live a life of purpose that stretches beyond their own time. This ability allows them to implement a succession plan by recruiting and growing future leaders to become giants: leaders of great purpose and direction for the Kingdom of God.
There is no greater thing a transformational leader can do in the Kingdom of God than to invest their life into another through the skills of mentoring and coaching. Transformational leaders who take-up the responsibility of mentoring and coaching will be highly valued and esteemed by their protégés and their peers. They will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
This book and its companion work book take the leader on a journey of developing the skills necessary to not only influence the present generation but also our future generations.

A Chinese proverb says:

“If you have a vision for a day, plant wheat.
If you have vision for a decade, plant trees.
If you have a vision for a lifetime, plant people”

We can grow future leaders.