Challenging the status quo of an organization with a dynamic strategic vision and plan of transformational change, then leading that organization through the transformational change, is both an exhilarating and daunting experience for any leader and leadership team.

New thinking and the development of new leadership practices are required if we are to venture across the new horizons of transformational change that God has set before us. This book and its companion work book deal with the intricacies of leading transformational change. They have been produced after extensive research and discussions with over 500 church leaders across the world, as well as my own personal experience of successfully leading several nonprofit organizations through transformational change.

Together, the books are designed to assist the Christian leader and leadership team by firstly providing practical assistance in implementing executive leadership principles found to be effective in leading Christian and non-profit organizations through transformational change. Secondly, the books offer insight and understanding to the Christian leader and the leadership team as to the human response to the transition of change. They have been designed to enable the Christian leader and leadership team to guide both their organization and all its members successfully through the transition of change and on to the new horizon that God has for them.