Living in Our New Environment in Christ

Paul’s letter to the Romans is considered by Bible scholars and theologians as being the high peak of Paul’s writing, his theological masterpiece, his ‘piece de resistance’.

What makes this letter such a masterpiece? Is it Paul’s explanations on such subjects as sin, God’s grace, the role and work of Christ? Yes, it is all of these things but there is also something about it that makes us want to own it for our very self. It’s a very personal letter written to the church.

As we read through the letter to the Romans we become aware that it is a window not only to the soul of the Apostle Paul but to his very spirit. On one hand the letter is a self-conscious process where he pauses to say things that matter, then on the other hand his thoughts and passion seem to pour out of him like a gushing stream, the words seem to fall over one another with emotions that no emoticons ever can.

Paul’s letter inspires and motivates us to leave behind our old life of sin and live victorious lives in the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s also a letter that encourages us to seek the good in other believers and the world.