We live in turbulent times. On an almost-daily basis, we are confronted with new lead lines of terrorist activity, which some world leaders speak of as “unconventional warfare operated by adaptive adversaries”

We in the church have long been familiar with the struggle against the powers of darkness but now, along with the spiritual conflict and age-old difficulties in taking the Gospel out into the world, we face new difficulties where the church must compete in a global market. Leaders with the church and para-church organizations are now called upon to think differently, to create a long-term strategic plan with a compelling vision for the organization and churches they lead. There is an expectation for strategic leaders within the church to possess a special mental and physical readiness to deal with the uncertainties and ambiguities of the times and to take the initiative in the conflict with the powers of darkness for the advancement of the gospel.

This book gives insight into the spiritual arena in which the strategic leader needs to operate in these times it also provides practical advice on gathering and analysing of information, formulating and implementing of strategies and how to maintain the emotional resilience to see the vision of the organisation come to fruition.