We offer two types of seminars: Leadership seminars and Biblical Studies seminars

Our leadership seminars are designed to motivate and inspire attendees, whilst equipping them with the necessary skills to lead their church or organisation to new and exciting levels of growth.

Our biblical seminars focus on spiritual growth, edification and comfort, and empowering believers by explaining Scripture.

Since 2001 we have been conducting seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and Germany.

Each seminar is supported by an e-Book version, available for purchase through our website

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”


One-Hour and One-Day

Leadership Seminars

All our leadership seminars are filled with real life stories and illustrations dealing with the intricacies of leading an organization. Each leadership seminar covers a range of practical skills and is designed to assist in the development of leadership ability within each area covered.

Seminar topics and further information


One-Day Seminar

on the Book of Revelation

Though this one-day seminar explores the chronological events in the Book of Revelation, the main focus of this seminar is on the blessed hope and assurance we have in Jesus Christ and the importance of sharing the gospel.

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One-Day Seminar

Bible Studies

These Bible Studies can be offered in person or via Zoom in your church. Our Bible studies places emphases on our spiritual growth and relationships, and empowering believers by explaining Scriptures in a manner that is easily understood and applied to practical Christian life, which is paramount for all Christians.

Bible Studies topics and further information



on the Art of Preaching

In this session we will be looking at:

Firstly, a list of resources and some practical exercises in how to use the internet to find resources and illustrations for sermons.

Secondly, an understanding of three major types of sermons: topical, textual and expository.

Thirdly, examples of the different parts of a sermon i.e. Title, Introduction, Divisions (discussion, illustration and application) and Conclusion.

Fourthly, will provide small group practical exercise for attendees to use the expository method of preaching to develop a title for the passage, break down the passage into three divisions identifying the main message and application of each division.

Fifthly, some tips in effective storytelling and the correct use of illustrations.

Sixthly, some guidelines on the importance of body language, which is the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.

Finally, some practical guidelines on the correct use of PowerPoints to assist in holding people’s attention and curiosity.



on Strategic Leadership Planning

In this session we will be looking at:

This two-hour workshop will:

Firstly, provide you with a template of a strategic plan that you can submit to your board.

Secondly, help establish a vision and a set of goals that your leadership is committed to.

Thirdly, assist in providing a framework within which present and future decisions can be made.

Fourthly, assist in developing a clear focus on the important priorities

Fifthly, assist in identifying new opportunities for growth.

Sixthly, assist in building a sense of ownership and excitement within your team.

Finally, help create team identity through the creation of a common vision or dream for the future.